20 Highest Paying Work From Home Jobs Without a Degree in 2023


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highest paying work from home jobs without a degree

When education is a formal requirement, a short bootcamp or online course can make up for the lack of a degree. Most importantly, comb over your past experiences and leverage them to enhance your appeal. Think about how the skills you’ve acquired in the past can help you stand out for remote jobs.

Finding the Best-Paying Jobs Without a Degree

Miscommunication can easily translate to wasted time, which ultimately costs the company money and could lead to your dismissal. Although people would assume that remote work would require less communication, quite the opposite is true. This is especially apparent for remote customer service representatives, sales representatives, and project managers.

highest paying work from home jobs without a degree

«A business’s success depends upon successful marketing, so there’s always a need for this work, not just in the U.S. but around the world.» Job boards FlexJobs and Freelancer.com are also seeing a boom in the number of remote, hybrid and freelance marketing roles. Virtual bookkeepers use web-based accounting software to assist with customer records. They sort a customer’s purchases into categories and ensure that their balances match with receipts, purchases, and invoices. They gain remote access to organizational archives, sort them out in a secure way, make transaction reports, and reconcile discrepancies.

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Furthermore, these high-paying work-from-home jobs are ideal remote positions and are not impacted by a lack of in-person interaction. The most common qualifications for virtual jobs are technical skills but it is a great advantage if you have a college degree related to the job. For programming positions such as web developer or programmer, you can acquire training and certification from the best coding bootcamps and add them to your resume. For a customer support position, communication skills and relevant experience are the most essential skills to have. Here are three customer service jobs that can be done remotely, are considered entry level, and typically do not require experience.

highest paying work from home jobs without a degree

A virtual bookkeeper does the same type of work a location dependent bookkeeper would do. Tasks include using accounting software to post financial transactions, create reports, and more. Another good option is to find your own https://remotemode.net/blog/19-well-paid-remote-jobs-that-dont-need-a-degree/ freelance blogging clients and work with several companies as opposed to just one. Social media managers can manage all of one company’s social media networks or specialize in just one network and work with many clients.

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You may have what it takes to be a Social Media Specialist or Social Media Strategist if you have even a little familiarity with social media. Customer Service Representative, Political Campaign Canvasser, or Call Center Representative are all job titles for this role. Just be careful not to underbid yourself because many foreign creatives will.

  • According to Glassdoor, the average salary for an Online Tutor is $44,842.
  • Graphic designers produce visual solutions for the communications needs of their clients through a variety of creative skills.
  • A transcriptionist is typically a person with high attention to detail and fast and accurate typing skills.
  • But you can find good, legitimate online jobs that don’t require a lot of—or even any—experience.
  • You can find users eager to rent out various products on websites like Aarons, Rent-A-Center, and Flexshopper.

Employers generally require a high school diploma or GED, and some may prefer prior work experience. According to Pew Research, the COVID-19 pandemic has made telework more prevalent, with 53 percent of workers with some college or less now working from home at least some of the time. For those currently unemployed, the trick is tracking down these remote job opportunities. If you’re on the hunt, the best places to search for remote work are detailed below.

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They typically employ account collectors by a third-party collection agency to collect past-due bills. Bill collectors typically work in call centers, but they can also work from home if they have a quiet workspace, dependable phone line, and internet access to the agency’s data entry software. Like a specialized form of marketing where an advertiser seeks https://remotemode.net/ to advertise or sell products or services through an affiliate network, there is no set amount that bloggers earn. Experienced bloggers can earn anywhere from a few thousand up to $150,000/month. The average salary for a freelance writer in the United States is about $42,120. Here are three virtual assistant jobs you can do from home with no experience.

  • This job requires strong skills with numbers, with many employers placing a higher value on experience than on a college degree.
  • Taxpayer Services Agents offer quality client service to meet the needs of taxpayers and benefit recipients in Canada, according to the CRA.
  • It’s about being in the right place at the right time, ready to jump on opportunities.
  • You’re not just adding lines to your resume, you’re networking and building relationships that can propel your career forward.